(syndicated 1953 TV series; NR; 90m)

a.k.a. CRASH OF THE MOONS (typo)
(TV series Chapters 21-23: Crash of Moons)

Shown with Short: 413S-General Hospital

Plot: Rocky Jones and his group try to rescue the people on two moons which are about to collide.

Exec: Guy V. Thayer Jr.
(413-Manhunt in Space)
Prod: Roland Reed (show's creator)
(413; TV's My Little Margie)
Assoc: Arthur Pierson (413; Hometown Story)
Dir: Hollingsworth Morse (413; Daughters of Satan)
Asst Dir: Dick Moder (413; dir/Skyjacked)
Scr: Warren Wilson (Blondie Goes To College)
Cin: Guy Roe (Cobra Strikes; Target Earth)
Ed: Fred Maguire (413; Colorado Ambush)
Ed: S. Roy Luby (413; Colorado Kid)
SFX: Jack R. Glass (413; 109-Project Moon Base)
Cos: Berman Costumes (413)
PMgr: Richard L'Estrange (413; Devil's Cargo)
ADir: McClure Capps (413)
Sound: Charles Althouse (The Monster That Challenged the World)
Sound: Joel Moss (109; The Man from Planet X)
Music Cond: Alexander Laszlo
(413; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)

Rocky Jones / Richard Crane (413; The Neanderthal Man)
Winky / Scotty Beckett (*413; Our Gang; The Jolson Story)
Vena Ray / Sally Mansfield (413; TV's Bachelor Father)
Bobby / Robert Lyden (413; I'll See You In My Dreams)
Professor Newton / Maurice Cass (413; Ali Baba Goes To Town)
Secretary Drake / Charles Meredith (413; The Lone Ranger)
Cleolanta / Patsy Parsons (413; Melody for Three)
Atlassan / Harry Lauter (413; Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers)
Bavarro of Posito / John Banner*
Cotanda / Erika Nordin (Border River)
Lasvon / Lane Bradford (Drums Across the River; The Spoilers)
Trinka / Nan Leslie (Problem Girls; The Falcon's Alibi)
Andrews / Rand Brooks (Gone With The Wind)
and Maria Palmer (Flight Nurse; Outcasts of the City)

Trivia: Born in Poland, character actor JOHN BANNER (1910-1973) made a decent living playing Germans using his thick East European accent. Most recognize him from his memorable role as Sgt. Schultz on TV's Hogan's Heroes. His films include: 1942-Once Upon A Honeymoon; 1950- Guilty of Treason; 1953-The Juggler; 1955-The Rains of Ranchipur; 1963-Hitler; and 1970-Togetherness. Banner was also in a short-run 1971 TV sitcom, The Chicago Teddy Bears.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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