(video release; 1953 syndicated TV series; NR; 78m)

(TV series Chapters 11-13: THE PIRATES OF PRAH)

Shown with Short: 413S-General Hospital

Plot: In the Orbit Jet with Winky and Bobby, Rocky Jones rescues a stranded Vena and confronts space pirates.

Exec: Guy V. Thayer (417-Crash of Moons)
Prod: Roland Reed (show's creator)
(417; TV's My Little Margie)
Assoc: Arthur Pierson (417; Hometown Story)
Dir: Hollingsworth Morse
(417; Daughters of Satan; Pufnstuf)
Asst Dir: Dick Moder (417; dir/Skyjacked)
Scr: Arthur Hoerl
(Young Dillinger; African Manhunt)
Cin: Walter Strenge
(Oscar nom/Stagecoach to Fury)
Ed: Fred Maguire (417; Colorado Ambush)
Ed: S. Roy Luby (417; Colorado Kid)
SFX: Jack R. Glass (417; 109-Project Moon Base)
Cos: Berman Costumes (417)
PMgr: Richard L'Estrange (417; Devil's Cargo)
ADir: McClure Capps (417; Tarzan's Magic Fountain)
Music Cond: Alexander Laszlo
(417; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)
Song by Scotty Beckett: Sleepy Little Fellah

Rocky Jones / Richard Crane (417; Alligator People)
Winky / Scotty Beckett*
Vena Ray / Sally Mansfield (417; The Errand Boy)
Bobby / Robert Lyden (417; Man of a Thousand Faces)
Professor Newton / Maurice Cass (417; Charlie Chan at the Opera)
Secretary Drake / Charles Meredith (417; Chicago Confidential)
Cleolanta / Patsy Parsons (417; Yankee Doodle Dandy)
Atlassan / Harry Lauter (417; It Came from Beneath the Sea)
Ken / James Griffith (623-The Amazing Transparent Man)
Rinkman / Henry Brandon (War of the Worlds; The Searchers)
Reggie / Ray Montgomery (Gentlemen Prefer Blondes)
Dr. Vanko / Gabor Curtiz (The Girl in the Kremlin)
Paul Ray / Tom Brown (In Old Chicago)
Link / Dale Van Sickel (102S-Radar Men from the Moon)
Ranger Higgins / Judd Holdren (201-Rocketship X-M)

Trivia: The syndicated television series ROCKY JONES, SPACE RANGER consisted of 39 episodes with a typical storyline lasting 3 episodes. The show lasted only one season, because it lost a considerable amount of money. It was the first space opera to be shot on film, which is why it survives so well today. (The others were simply broadcast live or shot on kinescope, which basically was filming a live broadcast off of a TV tube with very grainy results). Rocky Jones had huge overhead costs (sets, special effects, large cast) compared to other shows of the early 1950's. The show was popular with the viewing public and had no lack of advertising sponsors, but it became evident during its first season that it would probably never break even.

Born Scott Hastings Beckett, SCOTTY BECKETT (1929-1968) started as a child star, and performed in some of Our Gang shorts of the 1930's. His other films include: 1934-Stand Up and Cheer (with Shirley Temple); 1936-Anthony Adverse; 1936-Charge of the Light Brigade; 1937-Conquest; 1938-Marie Antoinette; 1941-King's Row (with Ronald Reagan); 1943-Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves; 1946-The Jolson Story; 1950-Nancy Goes To Rio; and 1956-Three for Jamie Dawn. Beckett was also among the cast in the other Rocky Jones MSTed episode, 417-CRASH OF MOONS. Like many child stars today, after having trouble finding suitable adult roles in Hollywood, Beckett repeatedly ran into legal trouble: drunk driving, carrying a concealed weapon, and assaulting his step-daughter with a crutch. (Not our Winky?!) On an even sadder note, Scotty Beckett committed suicide at the young age of 38.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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