419 - THE REBEL SET (original; 6/28/1959; NR; 72m)

a.k.a. BEATSVILLE (re-release)

Shown with Short: 419S-Johnny at the Fair

Ad: "The Drifters, The Hipsters, The Hot Sisters...in the Free-Living World of the Over-Teens!"

Ad: "Today's big jolt about THE BEATNICK JUNGLE!" [sic]

Ad: "B-GUYS! (The Beardnicks) Living and Loving for strange kicks!
JET DOLLS! Ready and willing to go into orbit!
KING OF BEATSVILLE! Master mind behind a million dollars worth of murder!
THE "WEIRDIES"! Nobody knows what makes them tick!"

Plot: Four coffeehouse guys pull a heist in Chicago between train rides.

Prod: Earle Lyon (Destination Inner Space; Cyborg 2087)
Dir: Gene Fowler Jr. (809-I Was A Teenage Werewolf)
Scr: Louis Vittes (The Oregon Trail)
Scr: Bernard Girard (sto/This Woman Is Dangerous)
Cin: Karl Struss (201-Rocketship X-M; won Oscar/Sunrise)
Ed: William Austin (Oscar nom/Flat Top)
SFX: Augie Lohman (208-Lost Continent)
Cos: Roger J. Weinberg (The George Raft Story)
M/U: Emile LaVigne (Queen of Outer Space)
ADir: David Milton (105-Corpse Vanishes; L01-World Without End)
Set: Joseph Kish (L01; 902-Phantom Planet; Queen of Outer Space)
Score: Paul Dunlap (208/809; Invisible Invaders)

Johnny Mapes / Gregg Palmer (Zombies of Mora Tau)
Jeannie Mapes / Kathleen Crowley (The Female Jungle)
Mr. Tucker / Edward Platt*
Ray Miller / John Lupton (Escape From Fort Bravo)
Karen / Vikki Dougan (Tunnel of Love)
George Leland / Don Sullivan
(402-The Giant Gila Monster; Teenage Zombies)
Sidney Horner / Ned Glass (West Side Story; Charade)
Lt. Cassidy / Robert Shayne (*315-Teenage Caveman;
409-The Indestructible Man; The Giant Claw)
Rita Leland / Colette Lyons (Frisco Sal; The Dolly Sisters)
2nd conductor and aspiring writer / Gene Roth* (*313-Earth Vs. The Spider; 406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 414-Tormented)
King Invader / I. Stanford Jolley (610-The Violent Years)
1st conductor / Byron Foulger (*618-High School Big Shot)
Bali dancer / Gloria Moreland (902; Here Come the Jets)
policeman / "Tiger" Joe Marsh (Head; Last of the American Hobos)
with Smoki Whitfield (203-Jungle Goddess; Louisiana Hussy)
Barbara Drew (Spring Reunion; Some Like It Hot)
Robert Nash (How the West Was Won)
Edward Foster (The Three Stooges Meet Hercules; Pier 5 Havana)
Cecil Elliott (Chinatown; The Three Stooges Meet Hercules)
Mike Ross (Attack of the 50-Ft. Woman; Tarzan and the She-Devil)
Carey Loftin (102S-Radar Men from the Moon; Invisible Monster)
Peter Brian
Grace Field (That Woman)

Trivia: Merritt Stone is NOT in THE REBEL SET (only GENE ROTH is). The solution to the Stone/Roth/Kosslyn debate can be found in the Trivia section for 313-EARTH VS. THE SPIDER.

Most people recognize character actor EDWARD PLATT (1916-1974) for his role as the Chief on the television series Get Smart (1965-1969). His other films include: 1955-Rebel Without A Cause (with James Dean and Natalie Wood); 1957-Designing Woman; Written on the Wind; 1958-Summer Love; 1959-North by Northwest (with Cary Grant; directed by Alfred Hitchcock); 1960-Pollyanna (starring Hayley Mills); Atlantis, The Lost Continent; and 1963-A Ticklish Affair.

Last Updated: 6/23/1999

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