(completed filming Feb. 19, 1952; 22m)

Shown with Movie: 610-The Violent Years

Short Type: Industrial

Plot: A family appreciates the modern household appliances electricity makes possible.

Prod: Jam Handy Organization
(*423S/424S-Hired! Parts 1 and 2; *603S-The Selling Wizard;
607S-Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm; 618S-Out of This World;
1012S-A Case of Spring Fever)
For: The Edison Electric Institute
Dir: Donald H. Brown (prod/Don't Fence Me In; Traffic in Crime)
Scr: Frank Murray
Cin: William A. Steiner (The Tattooed Stranger; The Window)
Ed: Henry Sundquist (The Sand Castle)
Score: Samuel Benavie (210S-X Marks the Spot; American Harvest)

Judy Adams / Bonnie Baken*
Mrs. Adams / Jean Hayworth
Alexander Phipps / Robert Casey (TV's The Aldrich Family)
Bob Adams / Hazen Gifford (Brubaker; Heart of Dixie; Long Gone)
Mr. Harry Adams / Paul Kirk Giles (TV's Dark Shadows)
Sally Porter / Marlene Cameron (The Happy Time)

Classic Line: "Mr. Adams, some of those large generators I've seen have the rhythm of music."

Trivia: BONNIE BAKEN now directs theater in New England.

The EDISON ELECTRIC INSTITUTE obviously is named after the great inventor, Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1941). Among his 1,000 patented inventions are the telegraph, the phonograph, and the light bulb.

Last Updated: 3/28/1999

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