509 - THE GIRL IN LOVERS LANE (1959; NR; 78m)

a.k.a. THE GIRL IN LOVER'S LANE (variation)
a.k.a. THE GIRL IN LOVERS' LANE (variation)

co-feature with THE WILD RIDE

Ad: "Too Young to Know...Too Reckless to Care..."

Plot: Two clean-cut drifters get involved with the folks in the little town of Sherman.

Prod: Robert Roark (actor/Mister Roberts)
Dir: Charles R. Rondeau (The Devil's Partner)
Scr: Jo Heims (Play Misty for Me)
Cin: Edward Cronjager*
Ed: Howard Epstein (The Devil's Partner)
Cos: Gene Martin (Invaders from Mars)
M/U: Louis J. Haszillo (423-Bride of the Monster)
ADir: Dan Haller
(406-Attack of the Giant Leeches; 701-Night of the Blood Beast)
Set: John F. Burton (524-12 to the Moon; 618-High School Big Shot)
Score: Ronald Stein (311-It Conquered the World;
418-Attack of the Eye Creatures; 511-Gunslinger; 806-The Undead; 808-The She-Creature; H01-The Day the World Ended)

Bix Dugan a.k.a. Big Stupid / Brett Halsey
(801-Revenge of the Creature; Return of the Fly)
Carrie Anders / Joyce Meadows (Brain From Planet Arous)
Danny Winslow / Lowell Brown (The Day Mars Invaded Earth)
Jesse / Jack Elam*
Peggy / Selette Cole (The Strangler; Why Must I Die?)
Cal Anders / Emile Meyer (Shane; Riot in Cell Block 11)
Pete? / Spencer Carlisle (The Devil's Partner)
Sadie? / Mabel Rea (The Joker Is Wild; The Devil's Hairpin)
thug / Del Monroe (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea)
with William Coontz (618; 607-Bloodlust; Frankenstein's Daughter)
Nicholas King (The Long Hot Summer; The Young Lions)
Rodney Bell (Phantom from 10,000 Leagues)
Asa Maynor (Conquest of the Planet of the Apes)
Whitey Hughes (Crazy Over Horses; Stakeout!)
Louis Elias (Tickle Me; Posse; Night Moves)
Sed Cassaday
David Lawrence
Andy Paris
Joe Kelsey
Patricia Dean (517-Beginning of the End)

Trivia: Here's another case of a highly decorated cinematographer working on a low-budget movie at the end of his career...this time EDWARD CRONJAGER (1904-1960) was behind the camera for these films prior to 1959's THE GIRL IN LOVERS LANE, nominated for an Oscar for each of them: 1931-Cimarron; 1941-Sun Valley Serenade; 1942-The Pied Piper; 1942-To the Shores of Tripoli; 1943-Heaven Can Wait; 1944-Home in Indiana; and 1953-Beneath the 12 Mile Reef.

Born in 1916 and blind in one eye from a childhood fight (or maybe he was running while carrying a scissors), character actor JACK ELAM usually played villains because of his looks in films like: 1950-One Way Street (his first film); 1952-Rancho Notorious; 1955-Artists and Models; 1957-Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (starring Kirk Douglas); 1968-Once Upon a Time in the West; 1969-Support Your Local Sheriff (with James Garner); 1970-Rio Lobo; 1973-Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid; 1976-Creature From Black Lake; 1979-The Sacketts (TV mini-series with Tom Selleck); 1980-Cannonball Run (and its sequel); 1982-Jinxed (with Bette Midler); and 1991-The Giant of Thunder Mountain. Besides his many television guest appearances, he also had roles on six TV series: 1962's The Dakotas; 1963's Temple Houston; 1977's The Texas Wheelers (with Mark Hamill); 1979's Struck by Lightning (as the Frankenstein monster); 1985's Detective in the House; and 1987's Easy Street (with Loni Anderson). In 1993, Elam was inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame for his many roles in Westerns.

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