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Episode K00- The Green Slime (unaired pilot).
BitK00 -- Bit: The First Host Segment.

Episode K03- Star Force: Fugitive Alien 2.
BitK03 -- Bit: Crow's Thanksgiving story.

Episode K04- Gamera vs. Barugon.
BitK04 -- All the host segments.

Episode K07- Gamera Vs. Zigra.
-- The Mads' First Transmission

Episode K10- Cosmic Princess
-- The Bots Try to Evolve

K14- Mighty Jack.
-- Bowlin' Bots.

Episode K21- Legend of the Dinosaur
BitK21 -- Bit: Going on Hiatus.

Episode 101- The Crawling Eye.
Bit101a -- Bit: Welcome to Deep 13.
Bit101b -- Bit: Heads You Lose.
Bit101c -- Bit: Gypsy Uncoils.
Bit101d -- Bit: The Crawling Forrest Tucker.
Bit101e -- Bit: Good and Bad Things.

Episode 104- Women of the Prehistoric Planet.
Bit104 -- Bit: The Issac Asimov Literary Doomsday Device.

Episode 105- The Corpse Vanishes.
-- Bit: At the Barber Shop.

Episode 106- The Crawling Hand.
-- Bit: Give Crow a Hand.
Bit106b -- Bit: Bowling Bots--take 2.

Episode 107- Robot Monster.
Bit107a -- Bit: Surrealism.
Bit107b -- Bit: The Roman the Ro-Man Pageant.

Episode 109- Project Moonbase.
Bit109 -- Bit: SPACOM.

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Episode 201- Rocketship XM.
Bit201a -- Bit: The Reporters of Rocketship X-M.
Bit201b -- Bit: Selective Gravity.
bit201c -- Bit: What's Your Dream?

Episode:202- The Sidehackers.
Bit202 -- Bit: Sidehacking Terminology.

Episode 203- Jungle Goddess.
Bit203 -- Bit: Playing Hide and Seek with the Universe.
bit203a -- Bit: Some White Devils.
bit203b -- Bit: My White Goddess.

Episode 204- Catalina Caper.
-- Bit: Joel Explains the Sixties.

Episode 205- Rocket Attack USA.
Bit205a -- Bit: The Charlie McCarthy Era.
Bit205b -- Bit: Civil Defense Quiz Bowl.
bit205c -- Bit: Review of Rocket Attack USA

Episode 206- Ring of Terror
-- Bit: Good Thing about Movie for RAM Chips
bit206a -- Bit: The Old School

Episode 207- Wild Rebels
-- Bit: Reviewing Wild Rebels

Episode: 208- Lost Continent
-- Bit: Ward Cleaver, Horseman of the Apocalypse
-- Bit: The Explorers

Episode 210- King Dinosaur.
Bit210a -- Bit: Am I Qualified?
Bit210b -- Bit: Joey The Lemur.
Bit210c -- Bit: Emotional Scientist.
bit210d -- Bit: Going Nuts about Lippert

Episode 211- First Spaceship On Venus.
Bit211 -- Bit: Klack Commercial.
bit211a -- Bit: Adjusting Tom's Sarcasm Sequencer

Episode 212- Godzilla vs. Megalon.
Bit212a -- Bit: Magazine Show Opening.
Bit212b -- Bit: Dysfunctional Popcorn.
bit212c -- Bit: The Bots' Monsters

Episode 213- Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster.
Bit213 -- Bit: Mocking Mothra.
bit213a -- Bit: Joel Succumbs to Space Madness 

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Episode 301- Cave Dwellers.
Bit301 -- Bit: The More Lucid Credit Sequence.

Episode 303- Pod People
Bit303a -- Bit: Music from Some Guys in Space.
Bit303b -- Bit: You are magic, aren't you, Trumpy?

Episode 304- Gamera Vs. Barugon.
Bit304a -- Bit: The User Interface War.
Bit304b -- Bit: Gamera Toy Soldier Commercial.

Episode 305- Stranded In Space.
Bit305a -- Bit: What's Ward E?
Bit305b -- Bit: Evil Joel and his thugs.

Episode 309- The Amazing Colossal Man.
Bit309a -- Bit: Joel's a 50-Foot Man! Ahh!!
Bit309b -- Bit: Glen Visits.

Episode 311- It Conquered the World.
Bit311a -- Bit: Winter Sports Cavalcade.
bit311b -- Bit: Sarcastic Banter Over Dinner

Episode 312- Gamera vs. Guiron.
Bit312a -- Bit: School Lunch Time.
Bit312b -- Bit: The Richard Burton Pageant.

Episode 315- Teenage Caveman.
Bit315 -- Bit: Catching Ross.

Episode 317- Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent.
Bit317 -- Bit: Waffles and Stuff.

Episode 318- Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
Bit318 -- Bit: Tom Servo's Dead!

Episode 319- War of the Colossal Beast
-- Bit: New Mexican American Food.
Bit319b -- Bit: Mr. B Natural: Man or Woman?

Episode 320- The Unearthly
Bit320a -- Bit: Appreciating Gypsy. **Corrected**
Bit320b -- Bit: The Unearthly: The Game.
Bit320c -- Bit: Dead End Kids Patois.

Episode 321- Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.
Bit321 -- Bit: Christmas Essays.

Episode 324- Master Ninja II.
Bit324 -- Bit: Detective Pets.

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Episode 401- Space Travelers.
Bit401 -- Bit: Space Race Advancements.

Episode 404- Teenagers >From Outer Space.
Bit404 -- Bit: Reel to Real.

Episode 405- Being From Another Planet.
Bit405 -- Bit: "Being From Another Planet" Was Worse. 

Episode 407- The Killer Shrews.
Bit407 -- Bit: Mixing a Killer Shrew.

Episode 409- The Indestructible Man.
Bit409 -- Bit: Indestructible Fantasies.

Episode 410- Hercules Against the Moon Men.
-- Bit: Tom and Crow Run Away.
Bit410b -- Bit: Tough Guy Names.

Episode 418- Attack of the the Eye Creatures.
-- Bit: The Rip Taylor Trio

Episode 421- Monster A-Go-Go.
Bit421a -- Bit: I Don't Get You.
Bit421b -- Bit: The Pina Colada Song Question.
Bit421c -- Bit: The Bots Need Cheering Up.

Episode 424- Manos: The Hands of Fate.
-- Bit: The motor trip sketch collapses.
Bit424b -- Bit: Monster Body Parts.
Bit424c -- Bit: Tom's Driving Monolog.
Bit424d -- Bit: The Feet of Fate/Dr. F. Apologizes.

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Episode 501- Warrior of the Lost World.
Bit501 -- Bit: Cough Syrup Commercial Parody.

Episode 502- Hercules.
Bit502 -- Bit: Modern Constellations.

Episode 504- Secret Agent Super Dragon.
-- Bit: The Spy Who Hugged Me.

Episode 505- The Magic Voyage of Sinbad.
Bit505 -- Bit: The Sinbad Problem.

Episode 506- Eegah!
Bit506a -- Bit: How Hell Works.
Bit506b -- Bit: Joel Is Turned Into Arch Hall Jr.

Episode 507- I Accuse My Parents.
Bit507a -- Bit: Cake 'n' Shake.
Bit507b -- Bit: Art Therapy.
Bit507c -- Bit: Robbing the Diner.

Episode 509- The Girl in Lover’s Lane.
Bit509a -- DIY Bellybuttons
Bit509b -- Bondo Belly, Bad-News Baseball and Bizarre Boots
Bit509c -- A Beautiful Plan
Bit509d -- Crow IS Jack Elam
Bit509e -- A Different Ending

Episode 510- The Painted Hills.
Bit510 -- Bit: Crow's Report on Rutherford B. Hayes.

Episode 511- The Gunslinger.
Bit511a -- Bit: Funeral Talk.
Bit511b -- Bit: Servo on Physics.

Episode 512- Mitchell.
Bit512a -- Bit: The Mads Plot Murder.
Bit512b --"Howwwwwww?!"
Bit512c -- Bit: Joel escapes.
Bit512d -- Buzz off, Kid!!

Episode 513- The Brain that Wouldn't Die.
Bit513a -- Bit: Gutter-bumber-shoot.
Bit513b -- Bit: Mike shares.

Episode 514- Teenage Strangler.
-- Bit: Show Biz Love. 

Episode 515- Wild, Wild World of Batwoman
Bit515 -- Bits: Cheating.

Episode 516- Alien From L.A.
Bit516 -- Bit: Really Femmy Movies.

Episode 517- The Beginning of the End.
Bit517 -- Lady, Cards and Recomfy Bike
Bit517a -- Bit: The Mads Get Caught.
Bit517b -- Bit: Peter Graves at the U. of M.

Episode 518- The Atomic Brain.
Bit518 -- Bit: Magic Voice Chats with the Narrator.
Bit518a -- Love Letters/Mads as Invention.
Bit518b -- Weather Servo 9.

Episode 519- Outlaw.
Bit519 -- Bit: Movies Made for the USA Network.

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Episode 602- Invasion U.S.A.
Bit602 -- Bit: The Dullest Dinner Conversation On Earth.

Episode 606- The Creeping Terror
Bit606 -- Bit: Tom's Security Checkpoint.

Episode 607- Bloodlust
Bit607a -- Bit: The Mystery Murder Dinner Party.
Bit607b -- Bit: Tom Psychoanalyzes Crow.

Episode 609- The Skydivers.
Bit609 -- Bit: The Tom Star Show.

Episode 610- The Violent Years.
Bit610 -- Bit: Turn Your Crank to Frank!
Bit610b -- Bit: Mike's Own Private Idaho Potato

Episode 612- Starfighters.
Bit612 -- Bit: Cowboy Mike's Barbeque Sauce.

Episode 613- The Sinister Urge.
Bit613a -- Gypsy's shower.
Bit613b -- Frank's bomb threat.

Bit613c -- Frank the bomber attacks.
Bit613d -- Tom and Crow the cops.
Bit613e -- Frank's weakness.
Bit613f -- Potato cakes.

Episode 616- Racket Girls 
Bit616 -- Bit: Crow Proposes To Tom.

Episode 617- The Sword and the Dragon.
Bit617 -- A joke by Ingmar Bergman.

Episode 618- The Sword and the Dragon.
Bit618 -- Bit: Supercalifragilisticexpialiwacky!

Episode 621- The Beast Of Yucca Flats
Bit621a -- Bit: Is It 11:30 Yet?;  
-- Bit: F.A.P.S.; Episode 621: The Beast Of Yucca Flats 

Episode 623- The Amazing Transparent Man.
Bit623 -- Bit: Auntie McFrank's Tangleberry Inn.

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BitmovieA -- Intro/Crow causes a hull breach.

Bitmovieb -- Bit: Mike Breaks the Hubble. 

BitMovieC -- The Storm Shelter (Deleted scene).

BitMovieD -- Scrotor Visits Dr. F (Deleted scene).

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Episode 704- The Incredible Melting Man.
Bit704 -- Bit: What I Learned.
bit704a -- Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 1
bit704b -- Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 2
bit704c -- Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 3
bit704d -- Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 4
bit704e -- Bit: Crow Goes Hollywood, Part 5

Episode 706- Laserblast.
Bit706 -- Bit: Leonard Maltin's Two-and-a-half Stars.
Bit706a -- The Edge of the Universe.

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Episode 801- Revenge of the Creature.
Bit801 -- Bit: Mike Simian Descendants.

Episode 803- The Mole People.
Bit803a -- Bit: Crow T. Robot: Space Child.
Bit803b -- Bit: Mike is the Gesture Professor.
Bit803c -- Bit: Tom Sings a Folk Song.

Episode 805- The Thing That Couldn't Die.
Bit805 -- Bit: Observer Observes.

Episode 806- The Undead.
Bit806a -- Bit: Mike Vapor Locks.
Bit806b -- Bit: Servo Becomes An Observer.
Bit806c -- Bit: Digger Smolken Sings. **Corrected**

Episode 807- Terror from the Year 5000.
-- Bit: Mind Control Fighting.
Bit807b -- Bit: The Observers' Pill Diet.

Episode 808- The She Creature.
Bit808a -- Bit: Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi.
Bit808b: Bit: What's with the "?"?/Observer Joins Up

Episode 809- I Was a Teenage Werewolf
-- Bit: Scary Story Time

Episode 810- The Giant Spider Invasion.
Bit810a -- Bit: MRxL!
Bit810b -- Bit: Gypsy's Lullibye.

Episode 811- Parts: The Clonus Horror.
Bit811a -- Bit: Meet The Space Children.
Bit811b -- Bit: Games with the Space Children.
Bit811c -- Bit: Kiddie Shows.
Bit811d -- Bit: The Facts Of Life.
Bit811e -- Bit: Biography: The Clonus Horror Credits.

Episode 812 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies.
Bit812 -- Bit: H.E.L.P.I.N.G. C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N. T.H.R.O.U.G.H. R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H. A.N.D. D.E.V.E.L.O.P.M.E.N.T.

Episode 813- Jack Frost.
Bit813a -- Bit: Lord of the Dance!
Bit813b -- Bit: Who's In Charge?
-- Bit: Crow Hires Yakov Smirnoff.
Bit813d -- Bit: Crow's Guest Explains Russo-Finnish History.

Episode 814- Riding With Death.
Bit814a -- Bit: Turkey Volume Guessing Man.
Bit814b -- Bit: Sushi Mania.
Bit814c -- Bit: Trucker Solo.

Episode 815- Agent For H.A.R.M.
-- Bit: Extreme Things!!!
Bit815b -- Bit: Opening Arguments in Mike's Trial.
Bit815c -- Bit: Crow's Testimony.
Bit815d -- Bit: Bobo Cross-Examines Observer

Episode 816- Prince of Space.
Bit816a -- Bit: Playing "Dog and Bear."
Bit816b -- Bit: Time Distortion Effects.
Bit816c -- Bit: Mike the Bot.
Bit816d -- Bit: The Sylvan Glen.

Episode 817- The Horror of Party Beach.
The Horror of Mike's Bathing Suit
Bit817b -- Bit: Flavia and Pearl Exchange "Pleasantries."

Episode 818- Devil Doll.
Bit818a -- Bit: Pitch's Line of Devil Dolls.
Bit818b -- Bit: Toying with Tom's Soul.
Bit818c -- Bit: Mike the Doll/The Mad Goth Arrives.

Episope 819- Invasion of the Neptune Men.
 -- Bit: Noh Theater.
Bit819b -- Bit: Krankor Visits.
Bit819c -- Bit: Suggestions for Japan.

Episode 820- Space Mutiny.
-- Bit: Deep Space Dogfight.
Bit820b -- Bit: Mike and the 80s.
Bit820c -- Bit: The Bots Bulk Up.

Episode 821- Time Chasers.
-- Bit: Crow Meets 80s Mike.

Episode 822- Overdrawn at the Memory Bank.
Bit822a -- Bit: Servo's Dopple. 
Bit822b -- Bit: Overdrawn at the Tech Support Line.

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Episode 903- Puma Man.
Bit903 -- Bit: Coatimundi Man.

Episode 904- Werewolf.
Bit904 -- Bit: Tusk!

Episode 905- The Deadly Bees.
Bit905 -- Bit: All (but one) of the bits from "The Deadly Bees."

Episode 906- The Space Children.
Bit906 -- Bit: The Holy Blob.

Episode 907- Hobgoblins.
Bit907a -- Bit: Accidental On-Turning.
-- Bit: Punished With Hobgoblins.
-- Bit: Running from the Movie.
Bit907d -- Bit: How to Treat Women: A Film by Crow T. Robot.
Bit907e -- Bit: An Interview with Rick Sloane.
Bit907f -- Bit: Tom Takes Care of Rick Sloane.
Bit907g -- Hobgoblins Fakery.
Bit907h -- Hobgoblins crisis hotline.

Episode 908- The Touch Of Satan.
-- Bit: Wassail/Stuck with a Sitter.
Bit908b -- Bit: Mike meets Tom's Grandma.
Bit908c -- Bit: Crow Sells His Soul To Stan.

Episode 910- The Final Sacrifice.
Bit910a: Looting/Individualized World Domination
Bit910b -- Bit: The Final Sacrifice: The Series.

Episode 911- Devil Fish.
Bit911a -- Bit: Mike Loses His Identity.
Bit911b -- Bit: Dolphins: Are They Smart or Dumb?

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Episode 1001- Soultaker
-- Bit: Technical Difficulties/Mike Takes Command.
Bit1001b -- Bit: Crow Misses the Nudity. **Corrected**
Bit1001c -- Bit: Frank returns.
Bit1001d -- Bit: It's Joel!
Bit1001e -- Bit: The bots question the ending.
Bit1001f -- Joel departs.

Episode 1002- Girl in Gold Boots
-- Bit: Pearl Seeks Certification.
Bit1002b -- Bit: Crow in Gold Boots.

Episode 1003- Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
--Bit: 20s College Pranks
Bit1003b -- Bit: Servo The Dictator

Episode 1004- Future War
-- Bit: How Many Times a Woman?
Bit1004b -- Bit: Droppy the Water Droplet Visits
Bit1004c -- Bit: Robot LSD Tests

Episode 1005- Blood Waters of Dr. Z
Bit1005b -- Bit: Crow's Evil Voice Over.
Bit1005a -- Bit: Wacky Tabacky/Love Deprivation.

Episode 1007- Track of the Moon Beast.
-- Bit: SOL's Legends of Rock presents: The Band That Played 'California Lady.'

Episode 1008- Final Justice
-- Bit: Tom Says No to Yes.
Bit1008b -- Bit Mike Trips.
Bit1008c -- Bit: Goosio Visits.
Bit1008d -- Bit: Maltese Men.
Bit1008e -- Bit: Singing Along with the Final Justice Theme.

Episode 1009- Hamlet
-- Bit: To Riff or Not to Riff
-- Bit: Introducing "Sirveaux"/Do Ya Feel Lucky, Mrs. F?

Episode 1011- Horrors of Spider Island
Bit1011 -- Bit: Mike Gets Caught in a Web.

Episode 1012- Squirm
Bit1012a -- Bit: Annual Safety Check Time/Forrester Fair.
Bit1012b -- Bit: A Case of Mike Fever.

Episode 1013- Diabolik
Bit1013a -- Bit: We're Going Home. 
Bit1013b -- Bit: Re-entry.

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Miscellaneous Items

BitHomegame -- The Home Game Segments
BitOscar -- The MST3K Oscar Special
BitPlay -- Sony Underground Opening
Bitsnl -- An early Joel performance on Saturday Night Live
Bitturk91 -- Bits: 1991 Turkey Day Marathon Bumpers